Sunday, August 31, 2008 insider providing insight!

Watch Dog asked for it and loose lips are trying to sink ships...or something like that.

Anyway, an insider slipped me a tip yesterday after the posting about Warren Slocum's posting the candidate information for local offices in San Mateo County.

Here is the story, according to this insider: Kathy McKeithen is running for re-election in Atherton for City Council. There are a number of challengers for her seat and the seat of Jim Janz, who apparently is stepping down. In addition to Kathy McKeithen, the candidates for running for these seats are David Henig, Elizabeth Lewis, Richard "Dick" Moore, and Sam R. Goodman. The insider shot me an ironic link to McKeithen's 2000 SmartVoter site. As she runs for her third term, irony of ironies, here was one her priorities:
  • Establish term limits so that new people with new ideas can keep the Council from becoming complacent.
I would guess that term limits are no longer one of her priorities. I would also bet that McKeithen wishes that the "new people" she spoke about in 2000 wouldn't leak stuff to Watch Dog. And the best bet of all is that McKeithen probably doesn't believe that she has been "complacent."

Watch Dog loves dirt. Especially when it is in really fancy towns in San Mateo County. Dog doesn't know much about Atherton politics except what big mouth insiders email to me...SO, keep passing it this way...please...

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