Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watch Dog Morning News Round-Up 09.24.08 (new feature)

New feature on Watch Dog, a Morning News Round-Up...

Rate hikes coming to San Carlos residents for weekly compost/food scraps pick-up.

As reported on Watch Dog yesterday, Belmont will issue its own bonds to cover the cost of the sewage fix – rather than partnering with neighboring cities.

Palo Alto may ban smoking in parks – “…but smokers are taxpayers too…”

San Mateo-Foster City School District is trying to change the way union contracts get negotiated – good luck…

Today is the day for all Athertonians to take up arms, fight the man, and complain about high-speed rail! (Watch Dog can hear the chants now – “Not in my 3 acre backyard! Not in my 3 acre backyard!)

Millbrae City Council wants to raise hotel and business license taxes to cover shortfalls starting next year (yesterday’s story)

The Daily Journal weighs in on W and V (no and yes respectively)

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