Friday, October 24, 2008

SBWMA (non-elected) Board flips the bird to (elected) City/County officials

More new from the garbage front! Please keep your cheers to a minimum...

You'll remember that the Board of Supervisors was pushing for an elected Committee be formed that works in concert with the SBWMA non-elected board. (If you click that link, you will see the front runner for quote of the year from Jesus Nava.) You know, to oversee minor things like rates, expenditures of hundreds of millions of dollars, government spending, etc.

Supervisor Gordon's reasoning for this:
“What I think is critical is that the staff people who sit on that board are not ac­countable in the way that I am and the way other elected officials are to the rate­payers...And I have to be assured that I can go to the ratepayers and say, ‘Look, I have had a chance to fully review this and I believe that this is the right decision.’”
Pretty reasonable from Watch Dog's perspective.

Apparently not from the SBWMA non-elected board's perspective.

Yesterday, the SBWMA non-elected board said no to Supervisor Gordon's idea. They also said no to a cheaper plan for their Shoreway facility.

So if Watch Dog reads this correctly, here is what the SBWMA non-elected board said yesterday:
  • We don't want more oversight about how we spend peoples' money -- we want less
  • We don't think elected officials know what they are talking about and don't belong in the room when important decisions are being made
  • We don't want to save taxpayers any money by revamping our construction plans -- even though since we planned the building the economy has crumbled and County and local governments lost tens of millions of dollars
One thing that the non-elected board didn't say, but implied was:

"F*** you...pesky elected officials..."

What will Supervisor Jerry Hill say to Kevin McCarthy about this? What will Supervisor Gordon do about this? It was his idea after all to try to get some elected voices into the garbage process.

To be continued...and continued...and continued...

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