Monday, April 6, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 4.6.09: Garbage Saga...continued and continued and continued...

You didn't expect the Garbage Saga to go away, did you? There have been challenges to the integrity of the garbage collection part of the contract (remember Jerry Hill's insistence that the Civil Grand Jury look into the contract) we have complications and drama on the part of the new recycling and sorting contract. The South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA), the folks that oversee the contracts, wants one company (South Bay Recycling) while Teamsters (and the County Board of Supervisors) want another (Hudson Baylor). In fact, the Supervisors plan to pull their money from the new San Carlos facility if they don't get their way. So, this is all coming to head in the next month and lobbyists, Teamsters, and everyday Joe's are chiming in. Is it possible for the SBMWA to make some decisions that don't cause a massive garbage shit-storm?

Now, back to the other story of the year:
San Mateo Police are moving to a new HQ...sort of like San Mateo's version of 1 PP...

Belmont and PG&E go together like oil and water...(sort of like this)...I guess rising rates for garbage, recycling, and sewer weren't enough, Belmont wants to take on electricity too. Here is a hint for Belmont -- take a look at Palo Alto's electrical utility this month:
This is your future Belmont. Good luck.

A new level of NIMBYism has emerged...where else?...but in Palo Alto. A Palo Alto resident has created a video of what an elevated track might look like for High-Speed Rail through Palo Alto...I guess everyone in Palo Alto has a lot of free time.

Palo Alto Weekly's blog presence (thanks to a helpful and consistent push from Watch Dog) is updated again. It is Paul Losch's turn to talk about college admissions...

Redwood City's wastewater treatment plant (which is set to get a $339 million facelift) needs repairs sooner...and is getting some. Don't worry, this won't affect your rates like the massive facelift will, it will be covered by reserves.

Sue Lempert gets nostalgic for locally-based, locally-focused journalism in the locally-based, locally-focused Daily Journal.

Citizens of Woodside give a big "Hooves-Ray" to the Yerba Buena you think you might be overdoing it with the puns COW?

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