Monday, June 1, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 6.1.09: Guess who's back?

Last Friday, the day started with a bad Internet connection at Watch Dog world headquarters. Our intention was to hit Kinkos, update Watch Dog, and go about our merry way. Well, there are so many delicious breakfast places on the way to Kinkos, that we stopped. We got a call while at breakfast, and one thing led to another, and things just slipped away. If something happened that you think we missed but deserves attention, shoot us an email. If not, onward and upward...

Finally... the trial of Dr. William Hamilton Ayres begins today on sexual molestation charges. This trial has been delayed and delayed and delayed. We know some of our Watch Dog readers are close followers of this trial, so updates will likely come in the form of direct news and direct insight. If we are lucky, perhaps the Foul Mouthed Judge will make an appearance...

Stop breaking into cars... (at least if you do that in San Carlos.) The White Oaks neighborhood in San Carlos started a neighborhood watch program. Another impact of local budget cuts, we presume.

No neighborhood watch is going to stop this type of crime, but biologists did... Two years ago, the private water company that provides water to the City of San Mateo, California Water Services, Inc., spilled chemicals into Polhemus Creek, killing 30 protected fish. They were just slapped with a nearly $200,000 fine.

Not wanting to sail (quietly) into the sunset, former Assemblymember Gene Mullin takes some shots at the US Secretary of Education's plans for schools in today's Daily Journal. No matter what Mullin says we know one thing for certain, Secretary Duncan could dunk on Mullin.

The ACIL (not the ACLU, the Atherton Civil Interest League) had a public meeting last week to talk about High-Speed Rail. Talking about High-Speed Rail in Atherton is not really a debate... here is a funny line from the Almanac's NIMBY story:
If there were any high-speed rail supporters in the house, they kept that fact to themselves.
To round off the NIMBYism, Paul Losch (a Palo Alto Weekly blogger), calls High-Speed Rail a boondoggle. That seems constructive... Which brings up something interesting (or funny): When Paul Losch blogs, you can almost count on the phrase, "in my professional life" or something about his professional background. We get it Paul... you are a successful man.

The La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District is going through some challenging times. Some (apparently) misspent bond money and a Superintendent that's hitting the road. (We have an idea where he's going.) Oh yeah, a local lawyer also filed suit against the District -- which has just been revised -- that alleges financial abuse by the District Board and Superintendent. Stay tuned...

Supervisors nominated 3 Pacifica City Councilmembers for the California Coastal Commission. We wonder if these potential Commissioners-to-be will have a say in the Sharp Park issue...

The one-man press/endorsement machine, David Lim, scored another one... State Senator Leland Yee is backing Mr. Lim's bid for San Mateo City Council...


Deep Sounding said...

Hi Watch Dog!

Thanks for pointing out the william ayres trial.

We indeed will be posting updates throughout the day as we are able, and have beefed up our commentary staff a bit to keep the coverage as informative as possible.



Anonymous said...

The good doctor looked depressed and glum in the courtroom yesterday. His so called hotshot lawyer Doron Weinberg wasn't acting so arrogant either. Maybe it was his stinging loss in the Phil Spector murder case that's taken the wind out of the sails.

The female prosecutor and Weinberg were all chummy
-chummy, flirty-flirty in the courtroom. Let's hope it's just an act.