Friday, June 19, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 6.19.09: Code of Conduct Edition...

'Tis the season for horrible budgets, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut... cut, cut, cut, cut... Today's news is about the County of San Mateo, which may be hardest hit because they get most/all of their funds from the disfunctional netherworld of Sacramento. Perhaps Supervisor Jacobs Gibson could fill the budget gap with her expense account?

Here's a 'kind' way for the County to bridge the budget gap, putting a fee on marijuana clubs. Dude, that's a fee I'd gladly pay...

San Bruno also has a budget challenge ahead. $2.5 million, to be exact. So does the Menlo Park City School District. They have a cool mill to fill.

Dr. Ayres' trial is still going on. They seem to be in pre-trial motions. The latest is a decision about books taken from the doctor's office... they won't be allowed into evidence. For the latest, read this.

Safeway and Burlingame... the story that keeps on giving. But this time there is some action, at least. The plan is going before the Burlingame Planning Commission on Monday. The Daily Journal Editorial Board says that Burlingame "deserves" a new Safeway... Actually, East Palo Alto probably "deserves" a new Safeway, but Burlingame is getting one.

Speaking of stories that keep on giving. The Jackling House demolition a.k.a. Steve Jobs' house demolition, will be back at the Woodside city Council on June 23rd. If this wasn't Steve Jobs, would this story stay in the news?

In the midst of the (seemingly) biggest issue in Woodside's history... the COWs of Woodside are seeking new folks to run for City Council.

San Mateo-Foster City School District has an ongoing 'issue' with Foster City about a new site for a school. To take matters into their own hands (because the City isn't helping much) the School District is thinking about a new bond measure.

There is a new 'code of conduct' for the 4th of July chili cook-off in Palo Alto. Seriously, a code of conduct for a chili cook-off.

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