Friday, June 5, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 6.5.09: Kung Fu Remembrance Edition

No doubt this Daily Journal headline is true, given the Governor's speech earlier in the week: Jail faces more crowding.

Caltrain just let us know that weekend service isn't being cut but regularity of mid-week trains is... now they declare a 'fiscal emergency.' They must have learned that trick from San Carlos..

The (prolific) Civil Grand Jury took time to study an issue that seems relatively obvious to most folks who observe local governments: employee costs for local governments are high. Thank you Civil Grand Jury for proving that (sometimes) you have a keen sense for the obvious. We have to ask: where is the Grand Daddy of Grand Jury Reports?

A Daily Journal Editorial supports the San Mateo flood zone assessment for homeowners. (In case you were holding your breath for a positive Daily Journal Editorial on this topic...)

If you are one of the people that can't wait for the local gun show every year... you may need to make other plans. A bill that just passed the California State Senate (written by Senator Mark Leno) aims to ban the gun show at the Cow Palace. (Perhaps the bill will also ban the horrible fluorescent signs everywhere for the gun show too?)

Pacifica Riptide's Editor/Publisher John Maybury proposes a House of Commons-type regular series of debates in the Pacifica City Council Chambers. Let's see where this idea goes... it does sound interesting...

As two teens are mourned in Palo Alto, another train-related suicide was narrowly averted this week.


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Yes it's interesting I agree with you..
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