Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 8.4.09: "The best Legislature money can buy..." --Comicus

Tonight is National Night Out... so get your flashlights ready. (And no, it is not a pub crawl.)

When the economy tanks...

Fewer folks need to take BART these days. Heck, with 10 percent of folks out of work, it stands to reason ghat ridership is down 9 percent for the past twelve months.

East Palo Alto, meet your San Mateo County Coastside friends. Coastsiders, meet East Palo Alto. Why the intro? You are getting SamTrans bus services cut. Sorry, the economy and all...

Here is a headline everyone can get 'excited' about, courtesy of the San Mateo County Times: Millbrae prepares for big increase in water rates. My guess is that the preparation is really needed by the folks who are going to pay the 'big increase' not the actual City. By the way, 35 percent over the next five years is a huge increase, not a big increase...

Speaking of huge, that's the word the Palo Alto Weekly is using to describe the cost of Palo Alto public employees' health benefits. Perhaps it is a good time for some on the Palo Alto City Council to step aside and let new folks deal with the problem they helped create...

We guess the burgeoning health care costs aren't hurting the City of Palo Alto that bad. They are spending $70K because they don't trust the California High Speed Rail Authority. Really.

"Politics, politics, politics... the best Legislature money can buy..." That's what's up in the Assembly District soon-to-be-formerly-held by Ira Ruskin. Here is where we stand:
  • Supervisor Rich Gordon = $109,433,
  • Yoriko Kishimoto = $92,770 (including a $25,000 self-loan)
  • Kai Stinchombe = $74,838
  • Marc Berman = $73,869.
Good luck everyone.

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