Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 9.01.09: The battle rages on...

Well, here is your answer to the Foster City versus San Mateo-Foster City Schools battle... Park space won the battle in Foster City over schools. The City decided not to build a new elementary school on the site of the beloved Boothbay Park. Thank you City of Foster City.

A Menlo Park Police Officer videotaped the crowd at the August 26 High-Speed Rail meeting in the hopes of deterring violence among groups of protesters. Watch Dog has no love for overly NIMBYistic, anti-High-Speed Railers, but we hate government surveillance even more... (Here's one thing the NIMBYs are concerned about: Caltrain horns are back to “normal.”)

Menlo Park City Council is a little miffed at the Grand Jury for issuing a report that highlighted a trend showing San Mateo Counties are spending an increasing amount of money on public employees. Probably because the City Council relies on public employees to spy on protesters...

Belmont-Redwood Shores Schools won’t have to cut from its budget after all, thanks to a windfall of $225,000 in donations. For starters, the District is going to add a part-time science specialist. Showoffs.

Half Moon Bay City leaders want to restrict horses on the beaches, and equestrian enthusiasts are pissed. Never upset a person on a horse.

Prowlers on the loose in Burlingame….

Burlingame’s favorite watering hole, Hola’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, is on the wagon. The City is closing down the restaurant for serving minors three times in the last year.

Pacifica City Council might be jumping on the bandwagon to ban Styrofoam. Finally!

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