Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning News Round-up --9.17.09: Don't get your sperm in San Francisco

A San Mateo County father was sentenced to 16 months in prison for kidnapping his 5-year-old son and taking him to Mexico. He then had the audacity to try and get money out of his wife, saying the boy was sick.

Who is up for another Nimby fight in San Mateo? What about a candidate debate? That's right, more talk about tax increases, cuts to services and...the whopping bucks candidates raised for their campaigns thus far.

Speaking of raising fees...tonight is your last chance to protest a fee increase in Atherton. The Revised fee schedule can be found here. If we learned anything this summer, it is how to protest reform.

Democracy does work, at least in Menlo Park.

An El Granada couple is suing a San Francisco fertility clinic, claiming the doctors implanted the wrong sperm into the woman's eggs and then destroyed the embryos without consent.

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