Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 9.30.09: Recession Repercussions served with 4 Rolexes...

For you loyal Watch Dog readers, you'll remember has an entire week of Recession Repercussions a while back... well, the RRs are back:
  • 98 County employees are losing their job...
  • The economy and taxes are topping the list of things City Council candidates in Burlingame (and everywhere else) are talking about... (And it is a good thing we know what those candidates are concerned about, because the Daily Journal just endorsed three of them: Cathy Baylock, Ann Keighran, and Rosalie O'Mahony -- all incumbents.)
  • But not all Recession Repurcussions are bad... transportation projects are getting cheaper. Silver lining?
  • And finally, we'll call this a Recesssion Repurcussion story: 4 Rolex watches were stolen from a home in Portola Valley. Bringing up the age-old question in Portola Valley -- Are 3 Rolexes enough?
This is most definitely not about the economy: A substitute teacher at San Mateo High School was arrested for sexting a student. If you don't know what sexting is -- then you are in for an eye-opening explanation and probably a rethinking of that camera phone you bought your teenager.

Speaking of inappropriate behavior of school employees and new words... the track coach at Menlo-Atherton High School who used racial slurs to threaten some students who annoyed him at home is going to trial. That's the inappropriate behavior part. The new word used in this Daily Journal story is tween.

The idea of home inspection 'police' in Daly City has been shelved for the time being. We guess when 300 folks show up to protest something, those 300 voices are heard...

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