Monday, October 12, 2009

Morning News Round-up --10.12.09: Hold onto your hats, people.

San Carlos wants the state to give back money it owes cities ASAP. Get in line, San Carlos, get in line.

ACORN has suspended services at its South San Francisco chapter
pending an internal investigation of the national nonprofit organization. That includes services for pimps and prostitutes?

Half Moon Bay pumpkin-growing prodigies step aside…there’s a new sheriff in town and word on the street is that he knows how to put the pump in pumpkin.

Who wants higher taxes in San Mateo? Jerry Hill probably does.

As if times aren’t hard enough..Four people were left homeless after a fire broke out in a San Mateo complex.

Forty firefighters battled another Peninsula blaze, which destroyed 60 percent of an Atherton home (mansion).

And then there were three.

San Mateo County is handing out sandbags to residents who live in flood zone areas. Why? Expect a heavy, heavy storm tonight.

P.S. Don’t wear a hat tomorrow.

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