Monday, October 26, 2009

Morning News Round-up --10.26.09: Ready, set, swine flu

Sarah Palin for president? She won’t get San Carlos’s vote.

No more flu shots at San Mateo County temporary clinics! Get your swine flu on.

Man shoots frenemy in San Carlos.

South San Francisco is looking for an Asian woman in her 30s who was caught on a videotape setting a fire at a car wash. It’s just one of many arson fires in the city as of late.

The Coastside College of San Mateo has reached the pinnacle of budget woes….the district is considering closing the school entirely. Students should know in just time for the winter semester.

Sofia Freer and Deborah Ruddock are leading the donor race among candidates for the Half Moon Bay City Council…..and they are political allies, a.k.a Voting bloc.

Pacifica considers trashing Coastside Scavenger. Rightfully so?

Coastside blogger Barry Parr thinks Half Moon Bay needs a change of government…so he suggests voting for Deborah Ruddock, Dan Handler, and Sofia Freer.

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