Thursday, August 28, 2008

as the temperature increases -- the trash gets smelly-er...

I was away for a little bit and I have been dealing with a bit of a technical issue...and as the old saying goes, you snooze, you lose -- on a big, and seemingly brewing, issue.

Trash and money. It doesn't get any messy-er than that. And it seems that San Mateo County's garbage is about to get a lot stinkier than everyone elses. Here is what (I think) I know:

The SBWMA (great acronym) runs the garbage contracts in the County, more or less. Allied Waste has the current contract. SBWMA doesn't want Allied Waste to keep the contract. Allied Waste is trying to keep it.

SBWMA says that Allied is doing a crappy job. Allied says that the SBWMA is wasting money.
Watch Dog will be watching this because it seems like it just got nasty, according to Shaun Bishop in today's paper. Notice the nasty quotes from Kevin McCarthy and from the Allied mouthpieces. Finally, something that gets everyone's blood boiling.

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