Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Mello-Roos and Local Discontent a November preview of Measures

1. Mello-Roos: The good folks in the City of San Mateo approved a Mell0-Roos tax for the new development at Bay Meadows. Basically, it looks like a tax will be passed onto residents in their units when the development comes online, about $5k/year. That sounds pretty steep, but I guess that's what you get when a new development opens and you need roads, sewer, etc.

2. Local Discontent: Once again, the San Mateo County Supervisors and the City of Redwood City can't play nice. Call it an open space initiative, call it stopping growth on all fronts, call it undemocratic, call it whatever you want...but what is clear is that Redwood City and the County government have agreed to disagree about a measure on the November ballot. Let the battle begin.

And for your viewing is the San Mateo County list of local measures you'll be voting on in November. Remember, these are just local. You folks in Santa Clara County who read this blog, your info can be found here. Just a note, if you are reading those lists of measures, take some time -- in Santa Clara County, they go from A to X...yikes...

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