Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Accelerated Withholding" -- Really?!

Well, Dan Walters at the Sacramento Bee does it again. Before anyone else can react to the news coming out of Sacramento, he just sums it up perfectly:

They had to be kidding. Nobody could have dreamed up a less responsible, more gimmicky, sure-to-backfire state budget than the one California's political leaders cobbled together and were jamming through the Legislature on Monday night to end a months-long stalemate.

The key point in this "budget" is an "accelerated withholding" from taxpayers' paychecks starting in 2009. Oh, but don't worry, it is only until mid-year. This has to be the least taxpayer-friendly idea Watch Dog has ever seen. (There is discussion this morning that the Governor may veto this budget.)

Just to state the obvious: with gas at $4+/gallon and people struggling to pay their mortgages and unemployment on the way up and a financial system in crisis...the California State Legislature thinks it is a good idea to take more money out of people's paychecks ASAP. Good one.

Expect a tea-party-esque revolt on this.

Oh, and anytime you good folks that represent us in Sacramento want to let us know why this budget is such a great option, Watch Dog pages are open to you. Just email watchdogsanmateo@gmail.com.

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