Monday, September 15, 2008

Foster City May Delay Trash Collector Vote...

Here is what I think happened in this story:

1. The Foster City City Council is due to meet this week to discuss/approve the trash contract. (Yes, the same trash contract that Watch Dog has been following on and off for a few weeks. Yes, the same trash contract that Redwood City approved last week.)

2. In advance of that Foster City meeting, Allied Waste sent a letter to Foster City residents talking about how they feel like they have been treated unfairly. (Yes, the same stuff that Supervisor Jerry Hill dinged the agency that oversees the contract for.)

3. Some folks in Foster City who got the letter started shooting emails to their City Councilmembers. (Yes, this is when City Councilmembers and most elected officials get nervous -- when people actually start paying attention to what they are doing...)

Now that you have the background, this story in today's paper talks about how Foster City might delay (hence the picture of Tom) their vote, perhaps until the independent auditor clears the agency who is making the recommendation...that could take a while, Watch Dog would bet.

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