Monday, September 29, 2008

Morning News Round-Up 09.29.08

County officials are being criticized for their handling of a big ambulance contract. Haven’t we seen selection processes criticized before? (Think garbage, Jerry Hill, and Kevin McCarthy…perhaps Mr. McCarthy will send a letter to Jerry Hill asking for transparency…)

Redwood City loses something that was pretty cool for them to have – the Green Building Exchange. They are moving north, but not “all the way” north. See their new header here:

Some funny political news from the Phantom, including the a shot at Rod Diridon and the unlikely pairing of consummate Democrat Joe Cotchett and out-there Republican Pete McCloskey. They would be two fun invitees to a debate-watching party this week.

We Want In! We Want In! Some folks want to be part of Palo Alto Unified School District rather than the one they are in. Is anyone surprised? Watch Dog would like to go to Palo Alto schools too…

For our friends to the south – San Jose voters are being asked to approve a tax that they already pay and weren’t ask the first time if they wanted to pay…you figure it out.

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