Monday, September 29, 2008 used to be such a nice quiet place for politics...

Watch Dog readers get ready!

In the next few days (after Watch Dog sorts out what the heck is going on) I will have an election update for Atherton. While the previous sentence may sound like a snoozer, believe me it is not.

One candidate has folks requesting files about another candidate's home improvement permits.

One candidate has been busy at the Courts pulling depositions and testimony related to firings at Atherton Town Hall.

All the candidates are jamming Watch Dog's inbox with stuff.

So, keep it up. I'm working on it as fast as a Watch Dog possibly can.

Obama and McCain aren't able to sling mud as readily or freely as the good folks of Atherton. Which all makes for an entertaining blog.

Update: One candidate in Atherton that is not busy emailing me seems to be busy shooting videos. "I'm Elizabeth Lewis and I approved this message..."

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