Monday, September 8, 2008

State Budget Solved by Cocktails?

Another weekend passes with no State budget. There was no shortage of stories about who is affected when the state can't get its act together. (Here's one story from the weekend.)

But the Sacramento Bee did something fun, they asked politicos who used to be involved (or hope to be involved) in such discussion/battles.

My favorite highlight:

Attorney General (Former Governor/Mayor) Jerry Brown: "Get (legislative leaders) in the same room. … Maybe serve them a cocktail or two..."

Sure, maybe there are billions of dollars on the line, tax/fee increases being discussed, and service providers losing their shirts, but a few drinks ought to solve this entire mess.

The question rings out again...where are the San Mateo County Legislators? I know they aren't part of the key decision-making crew up there...but so what?

Watch Dog invites them to provide their views here...whenever they want...Joe? Fiona? Gene? Ira? Anyone?

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