Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Watch Dog + Trash = Broken Record

Well, if it is newsworthy and it is in San Mateo County and it is juicy and it is about rates/taxes, then I am posting about it.

In today's Redwood City Daily News and in the Mercury News there is another story about Monday night's Redwood City Council meeting and their approving the garbage contract.

And there are two new pieces of news on this front:

News Item 1 -- rate hikes:
"City officials said the two moves will likely cause residents' garbage rates to rise an estimated 10 to 15 percent."

News Item 2 -- outside consultant:
"Redwood City's decisions came as the authority plans to hire an outside consultant to ensure that the process to pick Norcal was unbiased and transparent."

While this story is dragging on, it seems that Supervisor Jerry Hill's complaints were heard and had an impact as Watch Dog covered here.

So for those of you emailing me to "change the subject" -- I will, but I will also report this story as it continues. Sorry.

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