Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cut and Paste Politics -- Atherton Style (Ctrl+x Dobbie/Ctrl+v McKeithen)

Well, thanks to a tipster, Watch Dog has something fun and interesting for you today -- aside from the web relaunch of the Daily News folks...

By way of background, Kathy McKeithen is running for re-election in Atherton for City Council in November against Elizabeth Lewis, Richard Moore, and David Henig. Jim Dobbie ran for an open seat on the Atherton City Council in June beating Elizabeth Lewis. If you have visited Watch Dog at all, you know how entertaining this race has been.

Watch Dog has some questions to start with:
  • Are McKeithen and Dobbie the same person?
  • Do they believe EXACTLY the same things?
  • Is there only one graphic designer in Atherton?
  • Is there only one person who writes copy for Dobbie and McKeithen?
  • In such a fancy-schmancy town, doesn't anyone have access to a computer with software from the past decade that can produce something more advanced?
Watch Dog thinks the answers to the above questions are:
  • Perhaps...they are the same person
  • Yes...they believe exactly the same things
  • Yes...there is only one graphic designer in Atherton
  • Yes...there is only one copy writer
  • I don't know...if anyone has new-ish software
What am I basing this rant on? Take a look at Kathy McKeithen's and Jim Dobbie's campaign ads from the Almanac:

(click for larger view)

Notice the color? Notice the design (or lack thereof)? Notice the issues?: Construction, Town Finances, Litigation, Drainage, High Speed Rail, etc. Notice the obvious cut and paste jobs of these two candidates?

Watch Dog thinks this 'cut and paste' politics is creepy.

Is this what passes for campaign materials in Atherton? Doesn't anyone ask questions like: why would we want two of the exact same people on the Council?

Sorry to get all high and mighty, but at least put in an effort Team Dobbie/McKeithen! Jeesh...

Heck, McKeithen raised the most money of all the candidates according to this week's a a designer that knows how to do something other than cut and paste. Oh, and there is a whole world of colors out there that are not bright red/orange. The only people who find those colors good to look at are this guy and this guy...

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