Monday, October 20, 2008

Cut and Paste Politics -- Atherton Style II (Ctrl+x Dobbie/Ctrl+v Moore)

You will remember Watch Dog's Cut and Paste Politics initial post when I showed the uncanny resemblance between Jim Dobbie's (candidate in June) and Kathy McKeithen's (current candidate) campaign materials.

At that time, I asked two important questions:
  • Is there only one graphic designer in Atherton?
  • In such a fancy-schmancy town, doesn't anyone have access to a computer with software from the past decade that can produce something more advanced?
(Ok, perhaps the questions weren't that important...)

Well, I just received some addition campaign material from the Dick Moore campaign, who is also a current candidate. And his stuff looks just like Jim Dobbie's too. I guess Jim Dobbie did beat Elizabeth Lewis in June, but it couldn't have possibly been because of his font or design selections.

So one more question -- why is Dick Moore using the same logo as Jim Dobbie?

Jim Dobbie's June Logo:

Dick Moore's November Logo:

Does anyone have an answer to these (less than) pressing questions in Atherton?

Has computer and design technology skipped a San Mateo County town?

Perhaps one of the VCs that live in Atherton can lend the Dobbie/McKeithen/Moore crew a 1995 Apple computer (stored in one of their four garages) to design stuff...

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