Friday, October 10, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.10.08 (the Daily News-free Edition)

In a story that could be titled, "things that would have been helpful to think about a month ago," the Daily Journal follows the County's plans to reconsider how much, where, and when money gets invested...

On the flip-side, at least the County's credit rating is as good as it can be, AAA, as rated by Standard and Poors. Unfortunately, no one is lending money right now...but if they were, San Mateo County would be where they lend it.

John Mays, the Editor in Chief at the Daily Journal, gets in on the action in Burlingame about the Safeway, the parking lot, and the history of the Safeway issue. The money quote:
The latest group thought is that underground parking or rooftop parking may be a poor decision. Underground has nefarious connotations in its subterranean roots in that burglars or other criminals may lurk in the brightly lit places to pounce upon our Mercedes SUV-driving housewives and steal their hard-earned money and fashions without nary a notice of their intentions. Rooftop parking carries less threat of such danger but may mean those toting children may get wet as they are loaded or unloaded into said SUVs. The shame. The horror. The impending sorrow. What will become of the wet children?
The Almanac weighs in with endorsements in Menlo Park and Atherton. MP: Andy Cohen and Kelly Ferguson. Atherton: Kathy McKeithen and David Henig. (I guess they didn't read my post about copy-cat campaigns...)

Not a suprise here, but coastside School Districts and public agencies also lost money in the economic downturn.

But some of those folks wanted to give some money back...

In an apparent effort to not look like Wall Street fat cats living high off the government bail-out, the big-wigs at AIG canceled a trip to the Ritz Half Moon Bay. Why would they want to do that?

BART debates drinks on the train. But it sounds like the brass thinks this is just as dangerous as snakes on a plane...

A note to careful readers: Today, there are no links to Daily News stories (Redwood City, Burlingame, Palo Alto, San Mateo). Until Watch Dog can figure out a way to link to stories easily for readers -- I can't make it happen. I fear the Daily News folks picked a software system that was cost-effective for them, but not reader-friendly for you and me. I will be posting about this further later...but for today, enjoy the break from the Daily News and start reading the Daily Journal.

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