Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.15.08: British mountain lion invasion edition

Here is something unusual, a link to the Daily Post (sort of). It is unusual because they don't have a website -- but I found this story (thanks to some outside helpers), cut it out, and put it here for all to see. The Daily Post endorsed in the Atherton City Council race and picked Elizabeth Lewis and David Henig. The money quote was actually about the incumbent, Kathy McKeithen:
"We also have questions about her [McKeithen's] temperament and her ability to get along with other Council members."
That's the same knock on John McCain...right?

School Districts look at new ways to invest money after the Lehman Brothers fiasco...Watch Dog says it again, this is something that would have been great to consider about a month ago. As an example, Sequoia Union High School District had $107 million at Lehman, will will not be $6.5 million. Ouch.

A mountain lion was hit yesterday in (unincorporated) San Mateo County. They haven't found the poor thing yet. Daily Journal, Half Moon Bay Review.

Homework Central needs help. This is a local non-profit serving 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Watch Dog believes it is small non-profits like this that will be hurt the most in the coming weeks and months.

The San Mateo County Times looks into how the 700,000 folks in San Mateo County get their drinking water. Here is a glimpse:
"Snaking out into the Bay on a rickety woooden trestle, the two rusting riveted steel pipes are covered in lichen and raised less than a foot from the flood-prone tidal marshland they were built on in 1923."
Burlingame Library Murals celebrate the centennial.

Palo Alto may be getting a Fresh & Easy grocery store at Edgewood Plaza. Cheers. Does this mean meat-pie for everyone?

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