Thursday, October 16, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.16.08: Biden his time in Atherton (bad pun)

Watch Dog hasn't written about this yet, but the story about the 16 year old crashing into a taxi (killing the driver) and then fleeing the scene is about to get a lot more coverage. The prosecutor is trying to get the 16 year old considered an adult AND the DA might pursue gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Central County Fire, which now covers Burlingame and Hillsborough, is thinking about merging with San Bruno and Millbrae. Perhaps the name could be SanHilBurMil Fire?

And from the 'Not So Surprising Department,' folks in Coyote Point don't think Coyote Point is a good place for a new jail...Who will? Where is your patriotism San Mateo County?

Remember the two kids that escaped from the juvenile 'rehab' facility in La Honda recently and ended up in Pescadero? They pleaded not guilty yesterday. I guess they just wanted a pie at Duarte's...

Millbrae is getting into the bar business...sort of. The City Council approved the purchase of Zack's in a first step to secure the area around the Millbrae BART/CalTrain station in order to eventually build the Millbrae Station Pavilion. If you are interested in what folks on Yelp think about Zack's, here you go. (Don't miss the first review about using Zack's as a pit-stop...)

Something in the Almanac this week is really newsworthy...they are returning to mail delivery instead of the blue bags on the driveway. In a fairly ironic statement online, Publisher Tom Gibboney mentioned that part of the decision was based on the environmental impact of plastic bags...Memo to Tom: Newspapers are printed on paper -- that's not so good either.

An anti-Prop 8 rally is happening today at 10 a.m. at the Redwood City Courthouse Square.

Watch Dog usually doesn't give opinions, unless they are snarky ones, but you should watch this...

VP candidate Joe Biden will be in Atherton on $aturday at $teve Westly'$ hou$e for a fundrai$er. I wonder if any of the local candidate$ for City Council will be there. Doe$ anyone know where the$e Atherton Council candidate$ $tand on the Pre$idential election? It'$ really the only i$$ue that ha$n't been covered in that race...

This is cool. School Superintendents are questioning the County Treasurer Lee Buffington about why a bunch of the schools' money was in Lehman Brothers and what the Treasurer has done to correct the problem. This won't bring the money back, but Watch Dog is a fan of inter-agency bickering because it makes for interesting blogging.

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