Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.28.08: Riley the Dog Edition

The County may sue Lehman Brothers and perhaps even individual employees at Lehman Brothers for the multi-million dollar losses. Supervisor Mark Church is seeking to not only recoup losses in bankruptcy court, but also (perhaps) sue Lehman Brothers or employees. The money quote:
“There is enough evidence to suggest they have falsely represented to investors that the company was adequately capitalized when it was actually severely undercapitalized. Investors relied on those assurances..."
The Supervisors are going to talk about the possible lawsuit in closed session today. (You'll recall Watch Dog's post about the County signing on to a letter to Henry Paulson about being part of the bail-out. )

This isn't good for downtown San Mateo. It seems the owners and construction crews that were working on the Benjamin Franklin Hotel (the Ben Frank) have left town and aren't returning calls. It seems they may be part of the credit crunch collateral damage.

You have to love "Off the Beat" by Michelle Durand in the Daily Journal. This week she gives her thoughts on her dog's 2nd birthday. Happy birthday Riley...

The Cow Palace gets a new CEO. He has his work cut out dealing with Daly City, the State, and events leaving quick. Good luck Mr. Barkett.

There are newly released details of the murder of Philip Lacy next to Palo Alto's City Hall in July -- including that Lacy lunged at the robber before being killed.

Not so close to San Mateo County, but Google has tentative plans for a new Google-plex. This time a building with a zero carbon footprint/LEED Platinum/etc., etc. Check out the pictures...

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