Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pacifica: miles of shoreline but no mention (yet) on Watch Dog...

Pacifica...our friend on the coast. Watch Dog has been neglecting you.

So, with apologies to a sad reader who wrote in to complain that Pacifica issues are rarely (never) being covered on Watch Dog, I will reverse that trend today.

And for those Pacifica-situated Watch Dogs, this post is for you...with links to my favorite newspaper, the Pacifica Tribune.

The candidates for Pacifica School District provide their answers to questions from the Tribune. There is one incumbent (Laurie Frater), and two challengers (Ellen Manning-Villar and Cynthia Kaufman) for a total of two seats. They actually all have some compelling endorsements, especially the two challengers -- lots of elected officials. Any details readers can provide about this race would be helpful.

The candidates for City Council in Pacifica answered similar questions for the paper. There are two incumbents and three challengers for 2 spots on the Council. More background on these folks can be found here as well -- although only three of the candidates bothered to fill out the free, widely read questionnaire for the League of Women Voters, Pete DeJarnatt (incumbent), Mary Ann Nihart, and Cal Hinton (incumbent). Details would be great here as well.

And finally, I don't know what to make of this: the "Most Viewed" stories of the past 12 hours, as of the writing of this post, from the Pacifica Tribune were the Obituaries and the Police Beat. Perhaps you'll be inclined to click through on one of the previous stories and reverse this depressing trend at the Tribune online.

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