Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 5.19.09: Election Day...Can you feel the excitement?

The Daily Journal's Michelle Durand wants you to vote today... (so does the County Time's Editorial Board) but I think we all feel the same way Michelle does: this election does not stir warm fuzzy feelings...

Redwood City and High-Speed Rail... not exactly NIMBYism like in Palo Alto/Atherton/Menlo Park... Instead, they want workshops and discussion and hand-holding... (Oh, and a High-Speed Rail station in Downtown Redwood City.)

Speaking of trains... Caltrain will hold a public meeting (complaint session) about proposed service cuts/rate hikes on Wednesday, May 27th in San Carlos.

A rash of car fires have been going on in San Mateo. Not cars overheating and bursting into flames, rather, cars being set on fire. Yesterday was the third in three days. Which reminds Watch Dog of another thing burning in a nearby city...

And the fire yesterday didn't stop with cars... there was also a grass fire near 92 yesterday. Perhaps the County's new motto should be: San Mateo County, We're Hot!

It is a June parcel tax vote for the Redwood City School District. Watch Dog screwed up earlier and said it was both today and in June. Sorry y'all.

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