Thursday, July 2, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 7.2.09: I forgot day, watch out...

(No kidding, it's I forgot day, see if the boss'll go for it…)

San Mateo’s County Manager, David Boesch, estimates the county could lose $87 million in the State’s anticipated money grab. Technically a “loan” no one expects the State to pay locals back…

It’s long past time….” San Mateo held district elections for Supervisor according to San Mateo Union High School Trustee Dave Pine in support of the latest shoe from the Grand Jury. (elected) Supervisor Rich Gordon agrees it’s time for voters to choose.

County Supervisor/ABAG President Rose Jacobs Gordon voices an opinion on Grow Smart for the Daily Journal. This time not calling for “allowable” county spending, Jacobs Gibson echoes a report from the Greenbelt Alliance…

Taking a lead from Serbian journalists who visited local courtrooms. Off the Beat’s Michelle Durand visited the courts herself watching the defense get underway in the Dr. William Ayres trial.

In a (soon to be shared) story with our Sister Blog, Watch Dog Silicon Valley... Mountain View’s City Council is ready to do battle with the Feds over Hangar One… Mountain View will (probably) look to Palo Alto and Sunnyvale to join the party.

He’s old (58) and confused according to Troy Henderson’s attorney Jaime Harley. San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Sharon Lee didn’t snort (at least not out loud) instead pointing to numerous other complaints against the Atherton public works director. Trial’s over, Henderson/Harley/Ortiz-Buckley/Lee wait for the jury.

In a surprise move, Menlo Parks community services director, Barbara Santos George quit following months of debate over the city’s child care program. City Manager Glen Rojas said they would hold off on a replacement.

Coastside County Water District Director Jim Larimer is also putting pen to paper with an opinion piece in the Half Moon Bay Review. Drawing a line between no-growth advocates and slave owners, Larimer is bound to generate some interesting controversy.

Speaking of water…

What does $18 million get you? Well, the 24 acre Beachwood property for one but… Oops, no one thought to mention water rights during the Chop Keenan negotiations. Keenan, meanwhile, has an application with the water district to transfer those water rights off Beachwood.

Palo Alto Mayor Peter Drekmeier took time out to watch the Half Moon Bay’s Ox Mountain Landfill turn on the methane-energy power generator. The faint of heart can rest assured running the microwave won’t be a stinky job.

Geeks at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory will be able to employ more of the same thanks to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds flowing into Silicon Valley. After letting go 125 SLAC(ers) in 2008 there are 100 available gigs if you meet the braniac quotient.

Palo Alto’s plans for a new library are “woefully inadequate” according to Friends of Palo Alto Libraries. Library Advisory Commissioner Rajesh Mashruwala said downtowns unique demographic (seniors, daytime workers, homeless) causes special challenges. Right, because those folks don’t want books or computers in their libraries…

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