Friday, July 3, 2009

Morning News Round-Up – 7.3.09: Rubber Ducky edition...

Quick updates before you fire up that grill...

Welcome to the 21st Century. San Mateo Police moved into new digs that includes natural lighting, a dressing room for those pesky female police officers, a gym but no more shelter for the busted. Kudos were offered all around to Police Chief Susan Manheimer for making the transition.

The Daily Journal shares this just in time for those holiday fireworks… The draft report for California High-Speed Rail is now available. Watch Dog looks forward to a detailed analysis from parties pro and con.

No surprises here…

Caltrain’s Board of Directors is raising the cost of the commute. According to the headline in the Daily Journal service cuts come with the fee increases although the story says “… trains will run every half-hour instead of every hour…” But, wait, before you get too excited

Former Asssemblymember Sally Lieber isn’t letting unemployment slow her down. Lieber worked with Caltrain to put together an 11 member Community Task Force on Safety to make Caltrain tracks less inviting for suicide.

Palo Alto is shuffling people in the hopes of saving money.

In a striking blow for (hostile) professional work spaces, Atherton’s public works supervisor Troy Henderson was found not guilty. Police Officer Pilar Ortiz-Buckley’s ex-husband testified his ex lied to him while other police officers relayed stories of Henderson’s overtures.

The moon isn’t full until next week people.

An anonymous Duck Wrangler was seen in Burlingame. No word if they were on their way to a movie set or dinner

Fashion first is de-rigueur, even for bank robbers, in San Mateo. El Camino businesses are on the lookout for elbow length purple gloves…

Before heading to the beach, this public service announcement. Where to get your Red, White, and Blue fireworks fix on.

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