Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Morning News (Multi-Day) Round-Up -- 9.9.09: Poachers beware...

If you have been looking for Watch Dog San Mateo at, we apologize, but thank you for finding us. Some asshole poached our domain name and we are trying get it back. We are posting on this for the foreseeable future. Sorry for the inconvenience and make sure you tell your friends.

Now, onto a delayed, multi-day Round-Up...

Garbage Saga Continued: San Mateo City leaders trashed the Civil Grand Jury report that criticized the South Bayside Waste Management Authority for awarding a 10-year garbage collection contract to Norcal Waste Systems over three other bidders. You know we love this story and it keeps on giving, and giving, and giving...

Speaking of stories that keep on giving...

Page Mill Properties in East Palo Alto shut down its management offices and left the hallways littered with garbage and fire alarms malfunctioning at its apartment buildings.

Drunk drivers were everywhere over the Labor Day Weekend (except the Bay Bridge). Nobody was killed but police arrested more than 470 people for driving under the influence.

SamTrans meets tonight to raise fares, cut service, and layoff employees. A sign of the times.

But bad times aren’t plaguing everyone…

Kaiser Permanente is giving away money - $600,000 to be exact – to help struggling nonprofits. Nice.

Remember the Drano man? Thomas Waddell was sentenced 15 years in prison for attacking a Burlingame Safeway grocery store manager with a fork and a bottle of Drano. Ouch!

Caltrain officials are reading the riot act to the Discovery Channel's hit show "Dirty Jobs," which, in an episode on building locomotives, filmed host Mike Rowe walking on the Caltrain tracks near the Bayshore station. What were they thinking?

Two armed men invaded a home in Menlo Park, forcing the seven people inside the home to the ground. The men took off with cash, a cell phone, and a gold necklace.

La Honda residents don’t have to worry about any wipe-outs during landslides anymore.

Woodside High School students get to sleep in a little longer now, and Principal David Reilly is hopeful that more sleep = better grades.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys started screening possible jurors in the murder trial of 26-year-old Alberto Alvarez who is accused of shooting an East Palo Alto Police Officer.

Boy wonder Andy Klein’s longtime wish came true – to be a member of the San Carlos City Council. Good luck!

County Times columnist John Horgan nudges us to get to know our neighbors… Especially if they seem as weird as Philip Garrido.

Another reason to get to know your neighbors… 21 year old Israel Polvo was shot to death Sunday night in East Palo Alto.


Deep Sounding said...

Sorry to hear about the poaching. I figured that's what happened.

Whatever you do, when you mange to get it fixed, RUN, do not walk away from

They are notorious for all kinds of machinations to get you to pay extra fees and fines for your service.

Put your domain NAME on someplace like networksolutions, and then use their DNS service to point it at a hosting service somewhere else. That way your files are safe if your registrar fails you, and your name is safe from a hosting service holding it hostage.

(I know that's not what happened here, but better to be prepared...)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the poacher. Hope you get your domain back real fast.