Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morning News Round-up --9.10.09: Burlingame will see Christmas and Sunshine this year.

It’s official: SamTrans cut bus routes and raised fares. San Bruno, Millbrae and paratranist riders got screwed.

Forget about the recession….Christmas will live on in Burlingame this year. The city has decided to bring back the old tree lighting celebration at city hall, which was eliminated years ago because it was too expensive. But it’s not now?

San Mateo police Sgt. Dave Peruzzaro is getting the Medal of Valor, California’s highest honor for law enforcement. Peruzzaro was the cop who reached into a window of a home and rescued a 3-year-old boy from his mother who was being held hostage inside. Congrats!

A judge decided that Tyler Hutchinson, who is charged with beating to death 88-year-old Albert Korn, is healthy enough to stand trial. Hutchinson managed to get one last jab in when he spit on his attorney during the proceedings.

Here’s the latest chapter of the Page Mill Properties saga: the landlord might soon lose control of its 1,700 apartments in the Woodland Park neighborhood to a court-appointed receiver. Why? Wells Fargo in a statement said something about the quality life and safety of the residents living there are a priority.

If you are bored Saturday, Palo Alto is teaching residents about the design process for the high-speed rail train. It should kill about six hours of your day. Zzzzzz.

Burlingame city leaders have decided to ask elected officials and council appointees to make their contact information public to the public. Sunshine, sunshine.

Many Skyline College students said they didn’t hear the message that was announced on the PA system at the time of the shooting on campus. That’s because the PA system is only installed in the college's newer buildings. Hmmm.

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