Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 9.23.09: It takes a village...

BART and other Bay Area transit agencies are on guard after federal investigators probe an alleged terrorism plot to detonate bombs in the United States. Orange alert.

Adding 599 housing units near the San Mateo Hayward Park Caltrain station would be a plus for the economy and the environment... but a minus for the NIMBYs.

Just when you thought the economy was getting better… Redwood City’s historic Fox Theater is headed toward foreclosure. We will miss the old gal...

The three Redwood City men accused of stealing 50 pounds of marijuana from a drug dealer pleaded not guilty to several felony charges. The drug dealer (who turned them in?) also got busted for possession of marijuana. Dumb and dumber.

San Mateo County Supervisors are picking their battles, and butterflies ain’t one of them.

And another ubiquitous headline: “Public Pension costs on the rise.” This time, it is in Menlo Park.

You know it is election season when local candidates come up with a “variety of opinions” on how to deal with city issues… and then if elected never follow through with them.

Atherton is holding off another two months before it makes any final decision to raise fees, thanks to one vociferous resident. We guess it doesn't take a village... but perhaps just one village ______.

In case you were ever wondering what it feels like to get hit by Caltrain (other than with increased fares)… Nick Sayer lived to tell his story today in San Mateo. Maybe Caltrain does need louder horns.

A Burlingame man who beat his girlfriend's miniature pinscher to death was sentenced to (only?) six months in county jail Tuesday.

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