Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 9.22.09: Spare the Air (again)

It was an emotional night for San Mateo City Hall, where council members honored the four police officers and four school staff members who thwarted the armed Alex Youshock from a massive school killing last month.

Redwood City Elementary School District candidates say money and accountability is their number one concern. As it should be. But if that is everyone's concern, who they heck should we vote for?

Be sure to yield to pedestrians today, especially if you are driving through Belmont. Those pedestrians might be police officers. Undercover pedestrians...

Another day of bad air in the Bay Area. Ride the train, or BART, or your bike... please. Because climate change is really happening, folks.

Bad air = hot weather. Expect another “excessive” heat wave next week.

Menlo Park is unveiling the curtain on public employees' (outrageously high?) salaries tonight. A show not to be missed.

API scores are in and once again, Las Lomitas Elementary School District is ranked No. 1 in the state. Good job.

San Mateo County (and the rest of the country) is preparing for the (swine) flu season. Stay tuned.

Urgent! Rescue mini-horses in Woodside. Please.

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