Monday, December 7, 2009

Morning News Round-up --12.07.09: God is a Republican

We hope everyone is ready to "call in sick" Tuesday... Mavericks may be called because of the (expected) crazy weather. Or maybe not...

What do a San Bruno parks commissioner, a planning commissioner and a photographer have in common? They are applying to take over the city council seat vacated by Jim Ruane who was elected San Bruno mayor in November.

By the way, what’s up with the snow? It’s going to make global warming a hard(er) sell in Copenhagen. God is a Republican.

A real-life political drama is unfolding in Menlo Park as two Councilmembers (well, one Mayor and one Councilmember) try to get on the SamTrans board... the problem, it seems the Menlo Park Council only wants Heyward Robinson and not John Boyle. But Boyle isn't backing down...

Jan Epstein sat through her last (boring/thankless) San Mateo City Council meeting as she steps down and makes room for Robert Ross and David Lim... the library in San Mateo thanks you Ms. Epstein...

Menlo Park schools think they have solved its budget problems….attrition. Hopefully, there will be enough teachers to, um, teach?

People on the Peninsula don't like the sound of noise of trains... we read about the problem with CalTrain (over and over again) but now it is freight trains. Now, the Federal Railroad Administration will look into it. Leading to the obvious question: there is a Federal Railroad Administration?

The Mirabella Project in Foster City is slated to be talked about again this week as the Council meets in Closed (Secret) Session
to see if they want to allow Pacific Retirement Services an extension in order to get money lined up. Perhaps the good folks in Dubai could help?

Congresswoman Eshoo opposes the Afghan troop surge
. But don't worry, she is working on other important issues in D.C. -- like making sure your TV isn't too loud during the Snuggie commercials. Seriously.

Bruce? Bruce?

Malcolm Smith is no Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but perhaps he knows how to rile a crowd in the same way (he's got the name for it). The Daily Journal gives a little insight about Smith’s job as Redwood City’s communications manager. aka: slow news day.

San Mateo County candidates are already talking about next year’s ballot…2010 is going to be a big one.

And finally...

if George C. Larsen can remember Pearl Harbor, then you can too.

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