Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Almanac Money Race...Lewis raised the most, Henig has the most

The Atherton candidates for City Council filed their fundraising reports through the middle of October. Here is what we know, according to the Almanac, broken down in total dollars "raised" and total "cash on hand" as of October 18th -- meaning the candidates had the cash on hand amount to spend for the last two/three weeks of the campaign.

Elizabeth Lewis
raised: $20,398
cash on hand: $4,653

David Henig
raised: $17,940
cash on hand: $7,867

Kathy McKeithen
raised: $16,885
cash on hand: $2,240

Richard Moore
raised: $8,680
cash on hand: $1,007

Everybody but Richard Moore raised about the same amount of money. It looks like Henig saved the most for last. Watch Dog will be posting tonight or tomorrow the statistics about early voting -- which should give some indication if waiting until the end to spend money, which is what Henig appears to be doing, was the right strategy.

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