Saturday, October 4, 2008

McKeithen: for term limits before she was against them...

Yup! Atherton City Council race...again...

The candidates for Atherton City Council (Kathy McKeithen, Doug Henig, Elizabeth Lewis, Richard Moore) spoke with the good folks of the League of Women Voters of South San Mateo County.

In what can be called the first successful Watch Dog prediction, the issue of term limits came up in the candidates' discussion with the newspaper.

For those of you who are new to Watch Dog, and I know there are quite a few, here is a piece that ran on Watch Dog August 31 about one of the candidate's web pages from 2000. It seems Atherton City Councilmember Kathy McKeithen was for term limits (when she first ran) before she was against them (now) very Kerryian of her.

Watch Dog is a dispassionate observer -- but this seems like a pretty straight forward thing for McKeithen to be pushed on. Is she against term limits now because she is would now be effected? Is she the next Richard Daley or perhaps the new Michael Bloomberg?

(Thank you helpful readers for your initial help with this story.)


Anonymous said...

It's DAVID Henig, not Doug.

Watch Dog said...

Apologies for screwing up David's name.

Thank you for pointing this out.