Friday, October 17, 2008

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.17.08: If you get your marijuana in San Mateo, will the dog eat it in Half Moon Bay?

The City of San Mateo is considering local rules about marijuana clubs. That should make for an interesting meeting -- I hear it will be called the Peter Tosh Ordinance...

Pot is also an issue on the coast these days. Here is a post from Clay Lambert, the Editor of the HMB Review. Apparently dogs are getting into the stash...

The garbage drama continues -- as previously covered by Watch Dog today. This time the County Supervisors weigh in big time.

John Mays at the Daily Journal gives a hat-tip to the North Shoreway Neighborhood Association.

South San Francisco is quickly moving forward with a plan for a new downtown train station.

San Carlos School District ponders pulling its money from the San Mateo County Investment poll -- after losing $500K. Sounds fair...

Planning and development issues in Palo Alto. It doesn't look like the Planning and Transportation Commission like the idea of a high-end hotel across from Stanford Research Park.

Traffic improvements on 92
could help ease the (extremely slow but worthwhile) traffic related to the Pumpkin Festival this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. William Ayres trial put off, for the umpteenth time to April, 2009. The good thing is that it requires the good doctor to continue to spend all that money the county and private citizens paid to have him molest those poor boys.