Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 10.6.09: See you later Burlingame Chief...

Bye, Bye, Burlingame Police Chief Jack Van Etten. He announced his retirement yesterday after serving the City for more than 36 years. City Manager Jim Nantell says he might be the last Chief to serve Burlingame?

If anyone has been hit hard by bad economic times, it’s the Fox Theater in Redwood City. The historic theater is being auctioned off in a few weeks. Sad.

Speaking of hard times, remember this guy?

Council candidates everywhere are really capitalizing on the bad economy. They all seem to have ideas about how to solve their City budget crisis. Note: Not possible in California.

Environmentalists are pissed after a developer bulldozed an endangered butterfly habitat on San Bruno Mountain. They plan to sue the company, which bulldozed legally, by the way.

Turns out that Germaine Benjamin, the Skyline College butt shooter, has a rap sheet. Not surprising.

The raccoon killers in Half Moon Bay say they didn’t mean to run over a group of 50 raccoons outside the Safeway grocery store. Police aren’t letting this one go just yet. On a related note, Coastside campers report fewer late night raccoon interuptions...

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