Thursday, December 3, 2009

Morning News Round-Up -- 12.3.09: San Mateo County on everyone's front page... great!

San Mateo County (and Redwood City) is front-and-center in the Bay Area (and national) news today, and not in a good way. The robbers who stole from recently killed traffic accident victims live in our County. "Thieves best by government test?" Michelle Durand gets in the action as well in her Off the Beat column in the Daily Journal...

In other embarrassing local crime news: the Skyline College shooter had his pleading delayed because he is in the process of hiring a private attorney. Sounds like a good idea. Perhaps he and the the folks in the first story could split the legal bill.

San Mateo Union High School District will cut some of their early retiree health benefits. That ought to go over well... So will this... $1.5 million of cuts in the San Carlos Elementary School District.

And as school districts cut costs, Supervisors Rich Gordon and Rose Jacobs Gibson will be giving their raises ($5,500) to charity (which will help the County's general fund because the charity is the San Mateo Medical Center). While this could be a wash for County's general fund, it could be a boon for Gordon's and Jacobs Gibson's year end tax accounting...

The West Bay Sanitary District (and San Carlos and Millbrae) may be getting ready to pay some legal bills soon which could hurt their bottom line too. San Francisco Baykeeper is suing San Carlos, Millbrae, and the Sanitary District for spilling crap into the Bay.

SSF wants to continue the ban on medical marijuana clubs... buzz kill dude.

Half Moon Bay got a new Mayor and some new faces on the City Council. Councilwoman Marina Fraser will soon get new business cards that say Mayor...

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