Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trash History and Thug Role-Reversal...

The trash thing has been a saga for weeks, as those regular readers of Watch Dog know.

To recap for you new folks -- here is a Watch Dog recap:
So, that's the history so far. Now, take a deep breath, because there is more...

This item from yesterday's Daily Post describes a run-in Kevin McCarthy, the guy who is in charge of selecting the contracts, and Louis Pellegrini, a guy from one of the companies who did not get the contract. If this story doesn't sound exactly like what you would expect from a trash contract, I don't know what does. With one major difference: This story says the government agency chief confronted the garbage guy. Isn't that backwards? Have the thug tactics moved from the garbage company side to the government agency side? Has the world gone mad?

(Click for larger view.)

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